A Double Album

by Rob Smith

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Markus Bader
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Markus Bader Would never have come near "digital" music, d&b, jungle, dubstep, bass music without these pioneers called Smith & Mighty/ More Rockers. Think Up on the downs still rests at a friend's place in its vinyl incarnation, Rob Smith and his friends always made tunes, not just beats... Thanks a lot, golden memories (like skanking to the S&M crew live in Essen/ Germany. Big up!!!
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Rob Smith - 'A Double Album'
This collection combines two previously released albums now available as one download.

'Up On The Downs' - Originally released by Grand Central Records in 2003 (GCLP123)
'In One Way Or Another' - Originally released by Rush Production in 2006 (TFCK-86802 Japan only)


released April 26, 2020

'Up On The Downs'
Produced & Mixed by Rob Smith. Recorded at No.90 & Early Bird studios, Bristol.
Vocals on 'Question' & 'Living In Unity' by Gaddiel, Recorded at Jungle Red Studios, Jamaica. Recording engineer Andy Scholes.
Vocal on 'Singapore' by Celia, Recorded at Celia's, Singapore.
Hazel Jayne's vocal recorded at On Air Studios Bristol, production and engineering by Peter Rose
Vocal on 'Likeminded' written & performed by Alice Perera
Vocal on 'Angels in Poverty' written & performed by Kelz. Chorus sung by Rudey Lee
Sax on 'Revolve', 'Jah Provide' & flute on 'Likeminded' performed by Tony Wrafter.
Live drum loops on 'Reverie' performed by Francesco Brini
Album title by Manfred 'Magnum' Millhoffer.
Original cover artwork by 'StunningWork'
Big Love & Thanks to..
Kelz, Rudey Lee, Gaddiel, Hazel Jayne, Alice Perera, Tony Wrafter, Celia, Francesco Brini, Peter Rose, Andy Scholes, Ray Mighty, Manfred Milhoffer, Tom Ford,
Special thanks to Phil Hopwood & Mark Rae
Special thanks to Manfred for UK/NZ re-release co-ordination
Special thanks to Kola Ogundipe for post production location and hospitality
Special thanks to Stevie Bear for vibes & support
Special thanks to Craig Williams @ Z-E-N
Big love & thanks to Katharina Pristolic (KP Booking kpristolic@gmail.com)
Big love always to Naoki & Miwako
Love Is The Key

'In One Way Or Another'
Produced, recorded and mixed by Rob Smith @ Early Bird studio, Bristol U.K.
Lyrics for 'Please Explain', 'How does it feel?' & ' Not Any More' written & performed by Denise Morgan & recorded @ Numb productions, Clifton, Bristol U.K. by Joe McGill.
Lyrics for 'You To Know' written & performed by G.RINA & recorded @ Numb productions, Clifton, Bristol U.K. by Joe McGill.
Lyrics for ' Get In Get Out' & 'Finding Feathers' written & performed by Kelz.
Lyrics for 'Life's Edge' written & performed by Alice Perera.
Sax and vocals for 'Life's Edge' recorded @ Saraswathi Songs Studio, Bristol U.K. by Ali Kat.
Lyrics for 'Lean Back Home' written by Rob Smith, performed by Alice Perera.
Lyrics for 'As Full Of Life' written & performed by Akrasi & recorded @ Zero-K, London U.K. by Akrasi
Drum loop on 'How does it feel?' performed by Andy Clarke
String quartet on 'Please Explain', 'You to Know', 'Lean Back Home' and 'How Does it Feel?' arranged by Everton Nelson and performed by Everton Nelson, (1st Violin) Louisa Fuller, (2nd Violin) John Metcalfe, (Viola) and Ian Burdge. (Cello) recorded and engineered by Mark Wylie @ Intimate Studio, London U.K.
Mastered @ Alchemy Soho in London U.K. by Martin Giles
additional mastering @ Kola's, Auckland NZ
Music by Rob Smith. All tracks Copyright Control.
Original Cover photos by Mark Simmons
Original Design - Michiharu Shimoda & Yuji Onishi
Thanks to Yasushi, Kimiko, Aiko, Yoya and all @ RUSH, Thanks to Shimoda, Thanks to Toys Factory
Thanks to Craig Williams (Management)
Akrasi would like to give a special dedication to the Amparbengs, and to Zero-K.
Kelz would like to dedicate the track 'Finding Feathers' to his son's Grandmother, Marie Therese, rest in peace.
Rob would like to give special thanks to..
Denise Morgan, Kelz, Alice Perera, Tony Wrafter, G.RINA, Beni Williams, Joyce Akrasi, Everton Nelson, Louisa Fuller, John Metcalfe and Ian Burdge for their great performances on this project. Thank you so much!
Big love and thanks to...
Yasushi Takayama, Naoki, Miwako & all @ Angels Egg, Kazuki, Youichi & all @ Club Air, Kamba & Fumi @ DBS, Craig Williams, Steve Haley, Ray Mighty, Peter Rose, all @ Smith & Mighty/More Rockers, Mark Wylie, Joe McGill, Justin Reverb, Basil Anderson, Flynn & Flora, Alan Receiver, B23, Andy Scholes & Jack Lundie, Shandi l, Charlie Clark, Jah Shaka, Mushroom, Henry Dubplates, Sassa Lee, Suv, Krust, Die, Ronnie, all @ Full Cycle, G & 3D & all @ Massive Attack, Queen Bee, Stevie, Guy & Dub from Atlantis crew, Mark Stewart, Beezer, Tricky, Tayo, Biff & all @ F.U.N., Phill Hopwood, Mark Rae, Scientist, DJ Pinch, Tom @ Rooted, Jo @ Temwa, Osam, Eri, Dx, Karafuto, Uchida, Dry & Heavy crew, Habu & Soul fire crew, Kuranaka, Daijo, Hyashi, Akira, Mark & Iration crew, Simon @ SubDub, Neil Perch & all @ Zon Train, Ryan Moore @ Twilight Circus, E.D.O. Echo, Ben & We Don't Play crew, Steve Rice, Kazuo (photos), Francois Dumas, Tom Bogdanowicz, Kubusan, Mieko.
Also big love to... Katsu, Youko, Seiji, Keika and Inoue family. Emi, Pat, Helen, Diane, Ryan, Joseph, Nadia, Daniel

Dedicated to, and in memory of my brother John.

Give Thanks, Love is the Key.


all rights reserved


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